Your session should feel wild and free - like you’re out on a date and someone just happens to be there to capture it. Your wedding day deserves all the care and joy and intimate shared moments that create the foundations of a lifetime. No awkward prom poses, no feeling like you're just at a "photoshoot," just you and your love in the moment with a little help from one couple who gets it to another.

There’s no need for perfect poses, perfect weather, perfect outfits, or a perfect location to capture the perfect memory. It’s about a snapshot in time - those photos that allow you to hold a feeling in your hands. 

It's the in-between moments, the glances, the first looks,
a snapshot in time.

it really is the little things

Picking someone to capture the most important days of your life is no joke. While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do take that trust and commitment very seriously. We care deeply about creating a great experience, as well as a great final product. Whether you’re at the start of something new and magical or celebrating how far you’ve come together, you deserve to invest in these memories.

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We believe in photographing those little things you might not even notice that capture your flow as a couple. The in-between moments, glances, crinkle-eye smiles, goosebumps. There’s nothing more beautiful and fascinating to me than the pure joy, excitement, and comfort of two people wildly in love.

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There’s no need for perfect poses, perfect weather, perfect outfits, or a perfect location to capture the perfect memory. It’s about a snapshot in time - those photos that allow you to hold a feeling in your hands. 

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here's ours

before you take your oath

Jocelyn + Holden 

The most exciting part of working with Fontana Lane is the experience. So many people, including myself, often get nervous when it comes to photos, worried that it'll be uncomfortable or awkward.  But after meeting Han + Wes, you instantly feel like you've been friend for years. This feeling shows in our photos and we couldn't be happier. 

Bianca + Frank 

We loved the environment they created simply with their energy. They were casual and carefree which took away the stress of the day.  At the same time, they communicated exceptionally well and incorporated us into the creative process to make our vision come to life. 

Sarah + Stephen 

For someone who can be camera shy, I almost forgot they were shooting us. Wes + Han have a way with a camera, capturing and creating the most genuine of moments. 

Mary Beth + Sam 

Seriously, we are amazed! Y'all are the best! I'm so excited that we get to work with you guys. This is exactly what we wanted.  

What Are They Saying?

the memories

the moments

Cue the music, pop a bottle, go exploring, dance in the desert, get comfortable, do your thang. We’ll provide prompts to help you get comfortable (no need to worry about what to do with your hands), but mostly we’ll just hang out and let the magic happen. 

get wild.

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It’s not just about the day you show up for photos. We’ll start working together from day one to provide insights, resources, location ideas, planning tips, and timelines so that when you get to your wedding or session date, you’ll get to live fully in the moment, without added stress and responsibility. 

get Inspired.

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After you reach out, we’ll chat so we can get to know you and your story. From there we'll craft the experience around your vision. If we’re a good fit, we’ll save the date with a contract and get this party started. We're not saying we are going to be best friends but also don't be surprised if it happens.

get started.

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Unless otherwise communicated upfront, we will both be in attendance to fully capture your wedding day from our own unique perspectives that ends in a wholly captured day full of life and all those little moments. 

Do you both come to our session + wedding day? 

Yes (unless you are booking a bucket list destination in which case travel fees will be waived)!  
We pride ourselves on working with each couple individually on a session to session basis to make sure we can be there to celebrate you on your day! 

Do you charge a travel fee? 

Years of experience and the energy we bring to each session quickly eases any nerves or awkwardness and opens you up to having your own adventure during our session. We guide our couples with prompts and awareness of composition to carefully craft lived in photos that you will always remember for years to come. 

what if we're awkward?



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