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It’s that feeling when you finally lock eyes with your lover on your wedding day. It's running through a field hand in hand. It’s snuggling in for a sunset at the spot where you had your first date. The way your hands fit together just right. The way they look at you when you laugh. Promising forever and always. 

We're here to capture the small, fleeting, ordinary, extraordinary moments that make up a life and a love story - not just how they looked, but how they felt. When you look back at your photos, you’ll feel the honesty and the intimacy that takes you back to the moment and reminds you of the life you’re building together, one tiny moment at a time. 

Capturing the small, fleeting, ordinary, extraordinary moments.

editorial & timeless

part 1

Natural.  At ease. Earthy romantics.  We believe in a relaxed photography experience that brings out all those in-between moments: the glances, crinkle-eye smiles, and goosebumps. There’s nothing more beautiful and fascinating to us than the pure joy, excitement, and comfort of two people wildly in love. 

Jocelyn + Holden 

The most exciting part of working with Fontana Lane is the experience. So many people, including myself, often get nervous when it comes to photos, worried that it'll be uncomfortable or awkward.  But after meeting Han + Wes, you instantly feel like you've been friend for years. This feeling shows in our photos and we couldn't be happier. 

Bianca + Frank 

We loved the environment they created simply with their energy. They were casual and carefree which took away the stress of the day.  At the same time, they communicated exceptionally well and incorporated us into the creative process to make our vision come to life. 

Sarah + Stephen 

For someone who can be camera shy, I almost forgot they were shooting us. Wes + Han have a way with a camera, capturing and creating the most genuine of moments. 

Mary Beth + Sam 

Seriously, we are amazed! Y'all are the best! I'm so excited that we get to work with you guys. This is exactly what we wanted.  

What Are They Saying?

the memories

the moments

Your session should feel wild and free - like you’re out on a date and someone just happens to be there to capture it. Your wedding day deserves all the care and joy and intimate shared moments that create the foundations of a lifetime. No awkward prom poses, no feeling like you're just at a "photoshoot,"  just you and your love in the moment with a little help from one couple who gets it to another. 

Live in the moment. we'll document it.



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